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    We are finally introducing our CBD products!  This has been a 3 year endeavor, first to grow a decent hemp crop, then to figure out how to process it organically, and finally to accomplish all the steps to get it certified organic.  We will have tinctures and a lovely CBD chocolate body butter for our markets this week.  See the CBD section for more details.
    Peach jam is here, but is going fast!  We are still harvesting our gorgeous Italian eggplant and creamy delicious Asian eggplant.    Delicata squash is a thin skinned winter squash that doesn't require peeling, and has a flavor somewhere between corn and sweet potato.  We also have lovely orange kabocha squash and have started harvest butternuts.  Soup season is here!  See the recipe section for cooking ideas. Hope to see you  at the market!


Everyone is sharing water

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