Outdoor markets are over and produce is about done for the year!  As of Nov 2 I still have limited amounts of butternut squash, parsley, kale, chard, tomatoes and peppers.

Until November 16 I am offering produce, while it is available, jam, eggs, and microgreens online through Market Wagon, which is a home delivery service that serves northern Illinois.  This service will no longer be available after November 16.

I will also be attending the Batavia winter market on November 13th and December 11th with jam, eggs, and micro greens.  This large indoor market is located at 160 First Street, Batavia, and runs from 9 until noon.  You can request micro greens or eggs to be reserved for either of these markets.

Microgreens available will be sunflower, broccoli, basil, cilantro, spicy mix, mild mix, and radish.

Mixed berry and strawberry cranberry jams will be available for the November 13th Batavia market.  Let me know if you have jam requests!