About Our Farm

Red Flower Organics is a family owned and operated farm located in Maple Park Illinois, established in 2016. We are a certified organic farm and also have certification from the Real Organic Project.  This group is a family farmer driven organization with a goal of transparency in farming practices (see realorganicproject.org for more information).  Know your farmer! 

People often ask me why I decided to buy a farm, good question!   I have always loved growing things and often had a small vegetable garden, but never grown organically.  So how hard could it be?  Holy cow, I had no idea.  The learning curve continues to be steep!

So why grow organically?  There is definitely something wrong with our lifestyle and/or environment resulting in soaring rates of obesity and diabetes in this country.   I don't know if the pesticides and herbicides in our food are the culprit, but I suspect they are part of the problem.  I choose to avoid putting them in my body.


Working outside and seeing things grow is a joy to me and I am able to indulge my love of animals.  Our ducks, chickens and cats are raised with love and concern for their wellbeing and happiness.  Do you know the benefits of eggs produced from truly pasture raised poultry and the deceptive labelling you will seen the supermarket?  If not, read on.



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